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Key West Florida Snorkeling Directory
Trips and Tour Information


  All about Snorkeling in Key West and the Florida Keys. A little planning ahead can help you enjoy all that we have to offer in way of snorkeling. From what to bring, where to go snorkeling, and things to be on the watch out for. Hope you will find some new insights that will help you plan your trip down to Key west Florida and enable you to enjoy as much time as you can exploring our waters. I know that for many of you time is a factor on just how much you can do.



Any questions you may have or if you want to book a snorkel trip give Mike a call
305-849-1470    8am to 8pm Key West Time


Key West Snorkeling on Big Catamarans

      Sebago Snorkeling              

Fury Snorkeling                       

Key West Snorkeling on Small Catamarans and Sail Boats


     Floridays Snorkeling                          

Sunset Watersports

Danger Charters                 

Key West Snorkeling on Power Boats Trips

      Aloha   Life is Good              


Some articles about Snorkeling Trips in Key West
some are old but all provide good Snorkeling Information

Key West Snorkeling Tips  Clyde's Key West

Key West Snorkeling Tips  Clyde's Key West
If you plan on driving down to Key West, either all the way from home or after you fly down and rent a car there are lots of places you can stop along the way and enjoy the clear blue waters of the Florida Keys.


Key West Snorkeling Best Reefs & Beaches
Most Key West snorkeling is done by boat tour. Learn which reefs are best and find the local beaches you could check out.

Key West Snorkeling Best Reefs & Beaches

How to Snorkel in Key West | USA Today

How to Snorkel in Key West | USA Today
Situated over 150 miles away from Miami, the dreamy, laid-back island of Key West is a vacationers paradise. Surrounded by crystal-clear water, the island is home to America's only barrier reef.

Where to Go Snorkeling in Florida
Best Florida Snorkeling Spots
Summer is almost here and it's time to hit the water! So grab your snorkeling gear and discover an underwater world full of life and adventure.

Where to Go Snorkeling in Florida

Best Beach for Snorkeling in the Florida Keys | Livestrong

Best Beach for Snorkeling in the Florida Keys | Livestrong
Viewing the beauty and wonder of the coral reef in the Florida Keys is an experience you will never forget. Instead of taking a boat tour of the reef, stay active on your vacation by snorkeling! Snorkeling the best way to get up close to the diverse ecosystem and its inhabitants--fish, eels, coral, urchins and other marine life

Planning a Snorkeling Trip to the
Florida Keys With No Boat
Bordered by a long, offshore coral barrier reef, the subtropical island chain of the Florida Keys is one of the prime snorkeling destinations not only in the Sunshine State, but the entire nation

Planning a Snorkeling Trip to the Florida Keys With No Boat

Snorkeling Off Beach in Key West

Snorkeling Off Beach in Key West
Snorkeling Off Beach in Key West. The small island of Key West encompasses just 8 square miles, but its crystal clear blue waters offer world class snorkeling opportunities. While you'll need a charter boat to take you to the out reefs


Top 10 Places in the Western Caribbean to Go Snorkeling
Cruise Critic
If you're cruising the Western Caribbean and you're also a snorkeler or diver, you're in luck -- the region boasts some of the most diverse underwater marine environments in the Caribbean. Ports of call like Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Key West are minutes from some of the best sites for everyone from the novice snorkeler to the seasoned diver who's looking to add some street cred to his logbook.

Top 10 Places in the Western Caribbean to Go Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Key West, Florida - Yahoo Voices

Snorkeling in Key West, Florida - Yahoo Voices
With shallow reefs laying either just off the beach or a short boat ride away, snorkeling is a major attraction in Key West. Although any swimmer can become a snorkeler, keeping a few tips in mind will turn a good snorkeling trip into a great one.

Florida Snorkeling
Coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and other marine life make Snorkeling in Florida a thrilling experience. All you need to snorkel is mask, snorkel and fins.

Florida Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Florida Keys Buys Turquoise Waters,

Snorkeling in Florida Keys Buys Turquoise Waters,
Pastel Tropical Skies
Well, it was fun while it lasted.The Keys were tropical, lovely, not too hot (but so humid that the air conditioner ran all night at 70 degrees; about 85 in the daytime), the snorkeling was

National Geographic™ Snorkeler
The OFFICIAL SITE of National Geographic™ Snorkeler. The National Geographic™ Snorkeler and Swim line are specifically designed to meet the needs for the adventurer of water based exploration and expeditions. National Geographic™ net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research and educational programs. The variety of products within the National Geographic™ Snorkeler and Swim line will suit the individual skill level of all participants.

National Geographic™ Snorkeler

Check out what Snorkeling Charters are in Key West. Read reviews from

Just to let you see just some of the things awaiting for you while snorkeling in Key West.










Here is the most complete list I can come up with for snorkeling in and around Key West. Some are the regular trips. Others are more specialized and customized to meet you wants and desires. Plus you will find sites that offer reviews from people who have used that service. Even found a few package deals some of the hotels give. Found quite a bit so take your time and browse away.

Have a Snorkeling Service in Key West and you want to be here e-mail me question (at)  put Key West in the Subject Line.


Key West Snorkeling Charters Directory and Tour Information

The Inn At Key West snorkeling
The Inn At Key West
Spend your vacation enjoying watersports in Key West with our adventure packages! From Key West snorkeling to sailing, The Inn at Key West will help you plan an epic water adventure!

Key West Snorkeling Barefoot Billy'sKey West Snorkeling
Barefoot Billy's

Snorkel Adventure - See over 300 species of tropical fish and coral. The best snorkeling in the world on the only Coral reef in North America.
Key West Inns Diving and Snorkeling
Key West Inns Diving and Snorkeling

Guide to Key West diving and snorkeling adventures on North America's only barrier reef.

1-Day Key West Trip With Snorkeling Adventure from Miami - TakeTours

Spend a day in a lively Key West; snorkel in the crystal waters of Florida and see a vivid coral reef while enjoying exquisite sea views from the catamaran. This is an experience you wont soon forget!

Lost Reef Adventures SnorkelingLost Reef Adventures Snorkeling
This is a must do activity when visiting Key West! Enjoy the beauty of the reef snorkeling! See exciting marine life in the shallow waters of the reef. Snorkeling can be enjoyed by anyone, no experience required.

Easy Day ChartersEasy Day Charters

Snorkeling is an activity for everyone, from 1st timers to experts. Our Key West snorkeling charters let you go at your pace. Our snorkeling charters offer snorkeling sites that accommodate your level of experience

Java Cat ChartersJava Cat Charters
Snorkeling on the Danger and Danger's Prize makes for a great day. After a nice sail to our destination, the crew anchors the boat. The crew outfits you with mask, fins, and snorkel - making sure each is a good fit. We get plenty of help with our gear and some general "how to" instructions.

Yankee Freedom IIYankee Freedom II

If you love Key West snorkeling, then Dry Tortugas National Park offers some of the best snorkeling in North America, just 70 miles from Key West. The shallow waters (5-15 feet) make snorkeling at the Dry Tortugas fun for everyone.

Venus ChartersVenus Charters
This is a "Women Only" charter and if you do one thing during your stay in Key West it should be this trip! Come see our wild dolphins in their natural habitat. We know just where they play, hunt, sleep or make love!

Reelax ChartersReelax Charters
Enjoy the peaceful backcountry of the Lower Florida Keys with Reelax Charters. Captain Andrea Paulson has a wonderful trip that lets you relax and learn a little about life here in Key West

Catamaran EchoCatamaran Echo
We like to snorkel a particular shallow water shipwreck site encrusted by the coral reef, but we also snorkel other reefs and wrecks or wherever Mother Nature gives us the best clear & calm conditions that day. We know many sheltered spots that other boats can't get in to.

Key West's magnificent coral reef lies on the edge of the warm, clear Gulf Stream approximately seven miles from the island.  Just a one-hour sail away takes us to the third largest reef in the world and the largest in the Continental U.S. 


Your sailing and snorkeling adventure begins as you board one of Fury's state-of-the-art catamarans, part of the largest and most luxurious catamaran fleet in the Florida Keys. Feel the excitement as you sail to North America's only living coral reef,

Key West Sebago snorkeling Trip to the reefsSebago

Key West Sebago offers Key West packages for a sunset cruise, dolphin charter, snorkeling, weddings, kayaking, parasailing and more. Book online to receive a discount price for all your Key West vacation activities including a sunset cruise, snorkeling,

Sunny Days (Fury)Sunny Days (Fury)
Our smooth riding, 49 passenger power catamaran allows you almost two hours of snorkeling time in a three hour trip. You will visit two separate locations at the Living Coral Reef. Expert instruction makes it Fun & Easy

Captain Seaweed Charters, Inc.Captain Seaweed Charters, Inc.

You will be amazed at the wildlife you will encounter on our Key West dolphin tour! Through the crystal waters, you may see Turtles, Stingrays, Manatee, and more. And there are creatures

Delphine Charters SnorkelingDelphine Charters Snorkeling
Once you enter the warm water you are instantly over taken by hundreds of fish, my giant aquarium called the Western Sambo. We move along a reef that’s a thousands feet long and we cut through a underwater fox hole with coral on both sides, sea fans are moving in the ocean breeze,

Clearly Unique ChartersClearly Unique Charters
With Clearly Unique Charters, you can explore Key West snorkeling, kayaking, bird-watching and wildlife sightseeing all in one day. If you have taken a trip with us in the past, we look forward to seeing you again!

SNUBA Key WestSNUBA Key West
If you want to go beyond snorkeling and experience the world's underwater beauty in the safest and easiest way possible, try SNUBA®. With SNUBA you can breathe easily underwater without wearing heavy,


Looe Key Snorkeling Tours 20 miles north of Key WestLooe Key Snorkeling Tours
The Park Concession operates daily snorkeling tours to the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary. Featuring one of the most spectacular reefs in the Florida Keys with plentiful Elkhorn and massive Star coral,

Lilyanna Sailing Charters snorkeling looe KeyLilyanna Sailing Charters
Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary is the destination for many of our snorkeling and diving activities. It is consistently rated as one of the best snorkel and dive sites in the U.S. With depths ranging from mere inches to 30 feet,

Take Me There Charters snorkeling our reefsTake Me There Charters
This area of our Barrier Reef offers snorkelers and divers a very diverse sea life experience. At this relatively untouched area of the reef, it is not uncommon to see a few different species of Sharks…all within a few minutes.

Sunset Watersports snorkeling Key WestSunset Watersports
Key West Snorkeling
Key West Snorkeling at the lowest Price in Key West. 3 hour 2 Stop Key West Snorkel Trip on our fast comfortable catamaran with no big crowds.

Key West Snorkeling ToursKey West Snorkeling Tours
Sail from Key West to see over 400 species of tropical fish and various species of coral while snorkeling in the shallow waters that surround North America's only living coral reef.

Snorkeling Key West
Snorkeling Key West
Snorkeling Key West. Key West Snorkeling Tours, Daily Reef Snorkel Tours


Key West Snorkeling Adventures
Key West Snorkeling Adventures
Never snorkeled before? First time snorklelers can be assured of one-on-one instruction and assistance. For your return trip you will be served complimentary ice cold beer and soft drinks.

Sunset Watersports SnorkelingSunset Watersports Snorkeling
Sunset Watersports Key West Snorkeling Snorkel into Key West’s most popular attractions: the reef surrounding the island of Key West. You start your adventure at Smathers beach on the Atlantic Ocean,


Key West SnorkelingKey West Snorkeling
Your options to get out on the water can range from going out on one of the large catamarans which are provided by Fury watersports and Sunset Water sports. These are large vessels which can have like over a hundred people on them. This can be good or bad depending on what experience

Key West Snorkel Tours with Captain VictoriaKey West Snorkel Tours
with Captain Victoria
Captain Victoria knows the best places around Key West to snorkel. She will take you out to places where there is unspoiled reef teaming with sea creatures, places where none of the other charters ever venture.

Key West Nature ToursKey West Nature Tours
Kayak the beautiful Key West National Wildlife Refuge. View many species of birds, sealife, and plants. Even do some snorkeling in our calm clear waters

Tropical Snorkeling Key West
Tropical Snorkeling Key West
If you go to the right areas, snorkeling Florida Keys can be fantastic, with healthy reefs and lots of fish.


Namaste SnorkelingNamaste Snorkeling
Key West Snorkeling as it was meant to be experienced. No crowds, personal, feel like a friend instead of a tourist. Perfect for families, friends, Boy scout High Adventure, and Marine Biology field studies

Seaplane Charters Snorkeling
Seaplane Charters Snorkeling
Enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling experience in the Dry Tortugas with Key West Seaplane Charters.

Key West Ecotours SnorkelingKey West Ecotours Snorkeling
Snorkel soft coral and sponge gardens.  Looking for sea turtles, nurse sharks, conchs, star fish, eels, tropical fish, and the Florida spiny lobster.

Discovering Florida KeysDiscovering Florida Keys
The colorful coral reef, the schools of tropical fish, magnificent sting rays- the wonders of the marine world are yours to explore on a Key West snorkeling trip. Imagine floating blissfully along the warm

No Worries Charters SnorkelingNo Worries Charters Snorkeling
Experience Key West snorkeling, fishing and boating your way on a customized charter. Bring your dog along for the adventure!

Snorkel Fish Combo, Key West Blog
Snorkel Fish Combo,
Key West Blog
Do a combination Go snorkeling, then do some reef fishing and more


Key West Dive Center Snorkeling
Key West Dive Center
Dolphin Shipwreck and Snorkel
Our second stop is to enjoy some of that famous Key West snorkeling. We love to snorkel our favorite shallow water shipwreck encrusted into a coral reef, but we also go to other wrecks, coral reefs and sponge garden environments.

Yacht To Sea Key West Snorkeling
Yacht To Sea Key West Snorkeling
When hiring a Key West Snorkel Charter Service you need to be sure you are dealing with a reputable and professional company.
Classic Harbor LineClassic Harbor Line
Come aboard the fantastic Yacht Beacon for an exciting Key West snorkel cruise and eco-tour with snacks and snorkeling gear included!

Key West Vacation Snorkeling ToursKey West Vacation Snorkeling Tours
Key West Vacation Snorkeling Tours
Key West Snorkeling Tours - Information and details about Key West Snorkeling Tour
La Concha Key West Florida Snorkeling
La Concha Key West Florida Snorkeling
Snorkel in Key West Florida with the snorkeling package from Crowne Plaza La Concha Key West.

Snorkeling Westin Sunset Key Cottages
Snorkeling Westin
Sunset Key Cottages
Key West snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities are abundant in the clear blue waters surrounding the island.

Key West Snorkeling Casa MarinaKey West Snorkeling Casa Marina
Casa Marina A Waldorf Astoria Resort – official site. Nestled on the beach of Key West, this luxury resort provides the perfect vacation package for an enjoyable trip. snorkeling trips and tours


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