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Key West Kayaking and Eco Tours with Clearly Unique   Key West Bed and Breakfasts

all Mike for current prices and discounts 305-849-1470

Come Play in the ONLY Clear Kayaks in Key West

Explore Key West's diverse and unique back country aboard completely clear two-person kayaks. This tour combines a back country kayaking tour with glass-bottom viewing, allowing you to see both the fascinating world of the mangrove islands above the water and teeming coral reef gardens located at the bottom of the sea.

The trip departs Key West aboard the 33-foot Beach Cat catamaran, transporting a total of 16 adventurous passengers out to the natural habitats of the mangrove islands and Key West's back country. Upon arrival at the back country, guests climb aboard the 100% clear two-person kayaks (that are easily maneuvered by just one person) to go explore the area.

Since these kayaks are completely clear, guests are able to see right through to the bottom of the shallow waters, catching glimpses of all kinds of unique marine species that make their home in the coral reef gardens of Key West.

In addition to kayaking, guests on can also use our complimentary snorkel gear to do some snorkeling in the clear, shallow waters of the back country. The area we go to is also close to a shallow shipwreck, which provides some excellent snorkeling and glass-bottom viewing opportunities.

These tours are designed in a "create your own adventure" style, giving guests flexibility in the kind of activities they want to participate in during the 3.5-hour excursion.


What to Bring
Bathing Suit


Each trip includes the following
1.Snorkel Gear
2.Bottled Water
5.Fun and Adventure


Interested in a Clearly Unique Charter? Check out our trip times.

8:30am - 12:00pm
12:30pm - 4:00pm
4:30pm - 8:00pm
Trip Duration - 3.5 hours


Some Trips Report

Spotting the Rainbow

Yesterday evenings trip was one for the books. I really enjoyed the laid back crowd we had. Everyone was in the right mood. I think it was the first trip where everyone brought beer. This crowd just knew how to have fun! On the way back to the Beachcat
 the bottom fell out of the sky and dumped a few gallons of refreshing water into our
kayaks. But the within minutes it was over
and a huge rainbow showed up to the east.
On to the snorkeling next halfway into that more rain about 5 mins. Last but not least we spotted one of the largest turtles I have ever seen, well over two hundred pounds!

Sept 9 2010


What a variety

Today I had a group of guys from Cincinnati. They were so much fun, the spotted a bonnet head shark, a nurse shark and a small blacktip. We saw some of the largest lobsters
 I have seen in months and a huge barracuda. After Kayaking and snorkeling they wanted to try some fishing and hooked into a small barracuda. It was a great day to be on the water in Key West.

Aug 5 2010


Why everyone wants my job

I am all ways flattered when people tell me I have the job they want. We are coming into the Labor day weekend and things are still going great. I just want to reflect back on the summer and say thanks that the Gulf oil spill did not reach us. This place is so beautiful, and I am glad the spill was taken care of. I still say prayers for all my friends in the Gulf Coast that have suffered. I have two trips on the books for this weekend, and I am sure there will be a few more added to that by the time Sunday night gets here. I look forward to everyday, I have a reason to get up in the morning. I love showing people the things I get to see everyday.

Capt. Matt

Sept 3 2010

Rainbow on the horizon

The day was a little windy today but my group did not seem to mind most traveled over a thousand miles to see Key West and were ready for fun. We saw quite a variety of birds today including a frigate high overhead a pair of pelicans and some beautiful white herons. In the water a sting ray a few horseshoe crabs and plenty of baby Cudas. We had a short shower that gave us a wonderful rainbow!

Aug 31 2010

Capt Matt


Turtles, Dolphins and Sharks !

What a great trip, Two dolphins in the beginning, 4 sharks, and my personal
 favorite two sea Turtles one well over a hundred pounds swam right under a guests Kayak !


Turtles on the horizon!

What a great sunday as we were pulling up to our first spot we watched a huge turtle basking in the sun. I had a group of 4 this morning and we saw a smallblacktip shark then on to the birds. We saw a couple of kingfishers, 3 white herons, a osprey, and hundreds of cormorants. After watching the kidstry to soak each other we headed back to the boat for some snorkeling where they saw a small ray and were amazed at all the lobsters. It was another great day on the water with Clearly Unique Charters.

Sunday, August 22nd 2010

Captain Matt

Prices are subject to change   Give Mike a call for the current pricing