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Key West Dolphin Watch Tours with Echo     Key West Back

Echo Dolphin Tours and Snorkeling

Call  Mike  9am to 9 pm    Toll Free  305-849-1470        In town call 305-849-1470


We're ready for a Great Day!
All ECHO trips include
upscale service and ...
Loads of chips & snacks, cooler & ice
bottled water & soft drinks
cold tropical fruit trays

No Crowds! Only 1/2 Full Maximum

You will get to see Wild Dolphins in their natural habitat along with other forms of sea life. Shy Loggerhead Turtles, the graceful Stingrays, and the amazing sea life that jumps, swims and walks the bottom in the shallow, clear waters of Key West .The tour last for 4 hours and you get about one hour of snorkeling time. We have lots of room so you can enjoy the sail in either the sun or the shade. The ECHO is the only sailing Catamaran that offers Dolphin Encounter. We try to make sailing part of every trip as we sail the waters off Key West.

Sailing on the Echo

Key West dolphin Tours with Echo


Wild dolphins seem to really like sailing catamarans

Twice a day we sail out to the Dolphin Playground and Mother Nature make each trip different. The Dolphin we have off Key West live here year round and do not migrate, so we have many generations we get to know over the years. They enjoy swimming along with us matching our speed. It happens often and we love it. Dolphins can swim 30 MPH, so they always decide where they go, but they seem to know and feel safe swimming along side ECHO, so they often do

The Echo Has a 400 square feet of space on deck, including our famous Black Beach up forward, plenty of shade aft and a great little cabin down below, make Echo the best platform for a safe, fun day exploring the waters around Key West. Reserve two seats, or the entire vessel, for up to six lucky people per boat, and let us show you the Wild Dolphin's playground and all the islands, reefs and sunsets around America's own little piece of the Caribbean!

Dolphin Tours with Echo  echo dolphin tours

Dolphin tours with Echo

Our second stop is at a nearby shallow water shipwreck encrusted by the coral reef, or wherever the calmest conditions are that day. We snorkel in clear tropical waters supporting over 600 different species of sea-life. We always strive for the calmest / clearest water and provide excellent snorkeling instruction for floaters of all ages. Sanitized snorkeling equipment is individually fitted to each passenger. Enjoy a fresh shower & a nice cool tropical fruit tray after snorkeling, along with crunchy snacks, soft drinks and a great cruise back to Key West.

Catamaran Echo is always fully stocked with plenty of snacks and refreshments. Included on all our trips is...

bulletCoke/Pepsi products - bottled spring water
bulletCrunchy Frito-Lay snacks and nuts to munch on
bulletFresh-cut tropical fruit tray, which tastes great after a salty snorkel
bulletDomestic and imported beers including - Miller Lite, Corona Extra and Heineken (21 yrs & up)
bulletOur two excellent House Wines McWilliams Chardonnay and Shiraz from S.E. Australia
bulletFresh water shower, Soft trampoline sundeck - the "Black Beach", Sanitized snorkel equipment, Shaded and sunny seating, Cabin with restroom, Stereo sound with "Sirius" Satellite Radio, VHF radio & cell phone communication, and the local knowledge of a great Captain and Crew.


To Protect Wild Dolphins and to keep them living around Key West, ECHO is happy to strictly follow the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act that instructs us not to even attempt to touch, feed, chase, dive in to swim with, or in any other way harass Wild Marine Mammals. Let's keep them healthy, WILD and swimming around Key West!


What Should I Bring?

Towel, Sun screen on (no oil), Hat, Camera, Sunglasses (polarized best), a light jacket in winter, a small bag to secure your things, a few bucks and a Big Smile! It's best to have a balanced meal before boating.


Thank you for choosing to cruise on Catamaran ECHO.



 Clyde's Key West Dolphin Watch Tours


Prices are subject to change   Give Mike a call for the current pricing