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By Clyde Powell

Key West Beaches Higg's   


Key West
Higgs Beach





Higgs Beach is one of the must underutilized beaches here in Key West for all its has to offer. The best beach for taking the whole family. It has a nice sandy bottom and gets deep enough to swim in. It also offers lots of Key West History. There is currently a group trying to help upgrade the beach and the surrounding area. They are called the Friends of Higgs Beach. the beach is actually owned by the county not Key West and fund for improvements not as easily forthcoming.

Like most beaches here in Key West the sand in not from here. The beach is very well maintained and plenty big for all no matter what time of the year it is.



 To the right of Higgs Beach is a long wooden pier you can walk out on. Its great for fish watching and if you think of it feeding them too. The fish hide up under the pier. With a few pieces of bread the kids can have lots of fun feeding them.
The left side is bordered with the White Street Fishing pier. Fishing is opened to all just remember now you do need a Florida Fishing license to fish offshore. You can get a couple of days one a Fishing shops and maybe even K Mart. You will find people fishing out there all day and night.



At the beginning of the White street Fishing pier you will find the Key West Aids Memorial. Inscribed with the names of friends and loved ones who have passed away from aids.
Right in the middle of Higgs Beach stands West Martello Tower. It almost cuts Higgs Beach in half. The structure is the remains of an unfinished Civil War outpost. One of two built to defend the back side of Fort Zachary. All of which became obsolete after the war. Today it is the setting of a beautiful Garden. The Picture to the right is old but I think the hours are the same. The Gardens make for a nice break for yourself and the whole family from the beach.



Across the street from Higgs Beach is Astro Park. It is fully fench in for the safety of the kids. This too is a good place to take a break from the beach for the kids.
Whether just dropping in for lunch after a swim; or sunset dining; or making reservations for a beachside evening, when making Key West plans for lunch and dinner be sure and visit Salute! On The Beach.   Caribbean-influenced takes on Italian classics


 There are a couple of these gazeboes on Higgs Beach giving lots of shade to eat and relax. The original base of these were Gun emplacements during World War II
If a quick game of volleyball is to your liking you can get that in here too. If you are like me watching is more to my liking on a hot day.



A few years back some maintenance worker uncovered human remains while doing some work. A quick look in the old records soon found that it was a long forgotten cemetery for some slaves that where on a ship bound for Cuba. The conditions where so bad that even after being brought to key Key West more died from the journey and buried here. The others where taken to Libra.
There is a place to rent anything that you may need for the day on the beach from chairs to snorkeling gear.


Snorkeling off Higgs Beach


The snorkeling is very good here with lots to see and explore. If you did not being your own gear you can rent some.

 A fresh water shower is located right on the beach for your use.

There are restrooms to on the beach. They are not the best to say the less but hopefully that will change.


there is a picnic area area here but for the most part it is used by the homeless during some times of the year. This should in no way keep you from the beach they have not been any problem in the years that I have used the beach.




Prices are subject to change   Give Mike a call for the current pricing