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By Clyde Powell









Key West Accommodations Information


Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in and around Key West

Looking for some Key West accommodations during your vacation here. You will find that we have a wide selection for you to chose from. We have all the regular hotels that you would find else where but with the added bonus most have such beautifully landscape grounds and gardens you may find it hard to leave your own pool side oasis. If you are looking for something different in Key West try one of our many Bed and breakfasts and Inns each giving you the personalized care and attention you will not find at a hotel. Plus for those who are coming for the first time you will get the inside track of what to do and see during your stay.


This section will have five main Accommodations areas;
Bed and Breakfasts, Vacation Rentals, Camping, Misc. Tips

Hotels Accommodations information  in Key West
The ones here you can check out availability and price from my site.

We have all the usual variety of Hotels and Motels that you will find any
where else. Here I will try and give you a few to be found in both Key West
and throughout the Florida Keys. With a wide variety of price ranges. Talking
of prices so as not to shock you later. You will find that prices are a little on
the high side. If you plan on visiting us during the busiest weeks of the year 
they can be astronomical. So unless you are coming down for one of the
special events or our peak Season during the winter they are not to bad here
Here I have made Directories of all the accommodations in Key West.
Hotels    Guest Houses  Motels    Bed and Breakfasts      Pet Friendly Hotels   Resorts   Vacation Rentals    Inns

Vacation Rentals Accommodations in Key West
on the Beach or on Duval in old town

Any suite-type lodging that has self-catering facilities (wet bar, refrigerator, microwave, etc.)
This can save you a lot on eating out for every meal. Most have separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, one or more bathrooms, washer and dryer, and sometimes a balcony or patio. Towels and linens are provided. Daily maid service and other hotel conveniences are usually available. Unlike hotels with per person pricing, there is a set price for an entire vacation rental with a maximum number of persons allowed. Most one-bedroom units sleep a maximum of four using a sleeper/sofa in the living room. Most two-bedroom vacation rentals sleep a maximum of six, and most three-bedroom vacation rentals sleep up to eight. Please carefully read the vacation rental descriptions to learn the specifics of what is provided and how many people are allowed.

Camping Accommodations information in Key West
Camping and RV Parks

  There are not enough Campsites and R.V. parks in the Florida Keys to meet 
the ever growing demand for them. So during the Peak Periods make sure
you have a spot before you visit.
less than 5 miles up the road you find  Boyd's.  Those with
older kids they can come and go with lots to see and do. If the kids are younger
and the family stay together. Boyd's may be nicer with its pool and beach.

     You will find other Camping and R.V. accommodations throughout the Florida Keys it
Just depends on what activities you have planed for yourselves. Even though
the Florida Keys are spread out over 150 miles. Most people make Key West
a day trip no matter where they are staying in the Florida Keys.


Miscellaneous tips Key West Accommodations information

   Here I will give you some tips on various topics not just those that go with
accommodations in Key West and the Florida Keys. Which will make this section
a little mixed up as far as a central theme. Hope you will be able to use some
of them to help make your stay with us a lot more pleasurable.

Deciding on places to stay

    Keep in Mind that Key West is a fairly small island. It is only 1 1/2 miles
wide, and 3 1/2 miles long. So no matter where you stay you are not far from
everything. You must also keep in mind because it is so small, and heavily 
populated especially during peak season getting around can be an aggravation
that you wanted to leave at home. The main problem is parking in Old Town.
There are plenty of Pay parking lots around if you know where they are. Most
are easy to find with signage showing you the way. So in considering where
to stay keep in mind. Accommodations  are usually cheaper in new town but with it comes
some aggravations. If you like to party at night mostly its done on Duval St. in 
old town. You will not find any better or more professional group of both men, 
and woman than those on our Key West Police Department. There is one thing 
that there is zero tolerance for is drinking and driving with the island so small
there is no reason for it. So taking a cab is something you may be doing a lot of. 
Between parking and cabs the extra cost of a room in Old Town may be well
worth it. Many people find that once they arrive they don't even drive the whole
time down here. Which is something most people don't find out until after their
first visit to Key West.

People with the Military Accommodations

   If you are active military, retired, or in the reserves. You will find that there 
is a lot you can take advantage of here in Key West. With the large Military 
presence over the years, plus the now down sizing of that presents. You
can find some really good deals here. There is Housing available at prices far
below normal accommodations pricing. Plus those with R.V.s there is park on one of the bases
available with out hook ups. I will try and remember to get a number you can
call to find out what all is available, until then you should be able to get the
information though normal military canals.

Saving in the Keys

1. If you are traveling in a good size group 4 or more you can fly into Fort Lauderdale or Miami. The Key West and Marathon airports can cost a lot more to fly to than the larger airport on the mainland, and while the drive south can be a pain. After living here for 15 years I still love driving the Keys the view cannot be beat and the savings can be very substantial.

2. Come down in the off-season. Lodging rates are much lower during the off-season in the Key West, generally summer and fall, so the price you pay for a waterfront room in the fall will only get you one overlooking the trash bins. in the winter and spring. avoid special events unless that is your reason for coming, such as October's Fantasy Fest, Christmas and Easter weeks.

3. When ever possible do your own cooking. Supermarkets are found throughout the Keys. Stock up, and then check into one of the numerous hotel rooms with full kitchens or a vacation rental. Plan to do some picnicking at one for the many parks great for both families or a romantic outing for just two.

4. Eat out early this is the land of early-bird specials and tiki bar happy hours, so expect reduced food prices. Also, eating lunch at some of the pricier restaurants allows you to sample their menus at lower rates.

5. Camp. Check put my camping section plus the area parks section on my web for some ideas. Remember camping
sites are very limited in the keys even more so in the state parks so plan ahead when you can.

6. Look for discounts. AAA, senior and military discounts. Many attractions, restaurants and hotels offer  Pick up the free tourist guides in supermarkets, restaurants they are loaded with coupons.

7. Bring your snorkel gear. Most of the best places to snorkel are well offshore so you will have to take one of the
many snorkeling tours out. But you can jump in just about any where in the keys for a quick snorkel. Really good as you are driving down or back out of the keys and the traffic is getting to you. Stop and smell the roses.

8. Paradise passports, sold at the Pier House and the Key West Welcome Center gift shop on Fitzpatrick Street , cost $56 and $73, you also can buy ahead at Historic Tours of America. They include discount admission to Key West attractions and shopping.

If you plan to visit many Florida state parks or make repeat visits to the area, get an annual pass. A family pass, good for up to eight people, allows entry to most parks and costs $85.80 annually. The passes can be purchased at any park.

9. Key West is an expensive place, so buy your commemorative T-shirts and magnets off the tourist track. K-mart and Walgreens have a lot of Key West trinkets to chose from. Lodging is cheaper just north of the city in spots such as Big Pine Key, and you won't have to deal with the congestion. (You can leave your rental car at the Park N' Ride at Grinnell and Caroline streets all day for $3 and ride the free shuttle downtown.)

10. In the summer you have to drink a lot of fluids and not all beer. Most all hotel rooms have small refrigerators.
Stock up on water and your favorite drinks. It is a lot cheaper than paying a buck or two a pop.

Clyde's Key West Accommodations

Prices are subject to change   Give Mike a call for the current pricing

Prices are subject to change   Give Mike a call for the current pricing