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Key West Snorkeling Danger Charters     

Key West Snorkeling



Call  Mike  9am to 9 pm    Toll Free  305-849-1470        In town call 305-849-1470    

Off the Beaten Path:   Excursion Details
Snorkeling areaSix years ago, a young local captain by the name of Wayne Fox founded Danger Charters. Captain Wayne had a vision to create an authentic out-island nature safari aboard traditional and indigenous sailing craft that would enable guests to experience the incredible, unspoiled beauty and adventure that he had known since boyhood, and this mission continues today.

Danger’s captains and crew are committed to providing guests with an unparalleled, natural island experience. You won’t find the "cattle boat" mentality aboard Danger or Danger Cay. You will find yourself part of a small, personalized expedition led by a crew that truly love what they do, and who can provide you with all the natural, social, and economic history of the Florida Keys you may want. Or, you may just want to kick-back, relax, and soak up nature’s glory in peace and tranquility – it’s your day, your boat, your trip, you decide what you want to do.

Danger Charters
Both The Danger and Danger Cay are traditional American sailing craft known as "Skipjacks". These boats were originally designed and built to dredge oyster beds in the Chesapeake Bay region during the late 19th century. In the early 1900s, Skipjacks were sailed down to the Florida Keys to work as sponging and fishing vessels. Their shallow design, coupled with a huge amount of sail area, make these vessels ideal for sailing the backcountry. There is no better way to experience the incredible natural beauty of the Keys than under a cloud of sail, in shallow and protected waters that provide flat seas even on the windiest of days!

our trips
Explore the wondrous and enigmatic mangrove islands with one of our very knowledgeable nature guides. Learn all about the mangrove eco-system, while paddling through a maze of mangrove-canopied canals and streams, that are home to an incredible tropical array of birds, rays, sharks, sport fish, and more. And, no worries if you’ve never kayaked or canoed before. Our kayaks are very stable sea kayaks that novices from ages 6 to 90 and beyond can easily paddle with a few simple instructions from your guide!

Snorkeling Danger Charters
Snorkel with Danger in the back country waters off Key West
Danger’s crew continually discover a variety of private and pristine patch reefs in the calm and protected waters of the Florida Keys backcountry to provide you with an exceptional and personal underwater experience. And, due to the topography of islands and flats that surround the wildlife refuge, you can be assured of great visibility and calm seas while you snorkel amid a beautiful collection of corals, sponge gardens, tropical fish, and dramatic marine life. Never snorkeled before? No worries…first time snorkelers can be assured of one-on-one instruction and assistance. We find introducing folks to our world very rewarding!

Sunset from Danger Charters

Excursions are approximately five hours long, and feature guided kayaking through wonderfully enigmatic mangrove islands, snorkeling on pristine and uncharted patch reefs and wrecks, and of course sailing! We provide all the equipment you will need including:

Snorkeling gear
Wetsuits and warm beverages in the winter months
Kayaks and paddles
Fresh fruit and healthy snacks
Soft drinks, water, and beer after snorkeling
Call Mike for current prices and discounts 305-849-1470

 Private charters are available. Prices vary depending on the size of the party. Call


How good a swimmer do I have to be to go snorkeling?
These answers are general about Snorkeling and not specific to this vendor.

You have to be able to swim but just an average swimmer is all you need to be to go
snorkeling. Remember snorkeling is a little different than swimming. When you swim
you have to spend a great deal of effort keeping your head out of the the water to breath.
Snorkeling you not doing that. You are floating on your stomach with you face in the water
breathing though your snorkel. You do not use your arms as you snorkel. You push yourself
though the water with your flippers. After a little practice you can really move. The only time
I ever use my arms is if I want to change direction its a little faster. For those how have never
snorkel before the crew of the boat will happily give you all the instruction you may need, along
with fitting you with fins a mask. Remember not all snorkeling is done on the surface. You want
to dive down and check things out. A couple tips on diving. Do not take a deep breath and try to
go down. With that much air in your lungs it is hard to dive. Take a couple deep breath get lots
of oxygen in you blood. On the last breath let half of it out and then dive. Always breath deep
when you snorkel as you exhale that last bit of air is still in your snorkel when you inhale so a
deep breath get you lots of fresh air. Diving itself I don't know if I can explain this I can show
in 15 seconds but I will try. As you floating on the top and you want to go down the trick is to
bend your body at a 90 degree angle with your head facing down. Now throw your legs into the
air so that you are straight and facing down. The weight of your legs above the water will force
you down giving you a good push. Once your legs are completely underwater start kicking and
that should get you down to where you want to go. As you head back to the surface exhale slowly
and that should get any water in your snorkel out, or even a strong exhale once you are on the
surface will do.


Clyde's Key West Snorkeling Danger Charters