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By Clyde Powell


Key West Scuba Diving Captain's Corner    

Captain's Corner Dive Center
Snorkel and Scuba Diving Trips

Call Mike for current prices and discounts 305-849-1470

Daily Reef Scuba and Snorkel Trips
or diving the Vandenberg (either two dives on the wreck or, depending on conditions, one dive on the wreck, followed by a reef dive)
Two trips to choose from:

bulletDeparting daily at 9:30 AM.  Two stops at the reef - one hour at each site.  Returns at approximately 1:15 PM.
bulletDeparting daily at 1:30 PM.  Two stops at the reef - one hour at each site.  Returns at approximately 5:15 PM.

The reef is approximately six miles offshore and offers a number of locations for us to visit .  Sites will be chosen based on daily conditions.      


Key West Scuba Diving Captain's Corner Dive Center

Key West Wreck and Reef DivesCaptain's Corner Dive Center Key West

By special arrangement we can offer:

bulletWreck dives will be followed by either an outer reef 
bullet dive or a shallower reef dive.
bulletDouble wreck dives.
bulletTwo tank outer reef dives, for those who have  been-there-done-that. 
bulletTechnical diving charters to some of the deeper wrecks
(Wilkes Barre, Curb, the Airplane, etc.) off Key West by special
arrangement.  Please contact us for details
bulletDive the Atocha. 

We require a minimum number of passengers for all trips.

Diving options include the Cayman Salvage Master (187' long in 96' of water), Joe's Tug (65' deep on the outer edge of the reef), and outer reef locations (Eye Of The Needle, The Humps, Lost Reef, Trinity Cove - to name just a few of the less visited Key West reef sites).  

Captain's Corner Dive Center Scuba DivingWeights, belts, masks, fins, and snorkels rentals are included in the trip fee.  Air fills are for customers with their own tanks.  For night dives we rent lights - Wet suits are available for rent -

We supply iced water on the boat for drinking. There is also a cooler on board if you wish to bring soda, food, or beer (for afterwards).

The boat is fitted with a fresh water shower for rinsing yourself off, and a rinse bucket for equipment.

We recommend you bring a towel, change of clothes and a snack.

Captain's Corner Dive Center map

Night Dives

During the summer months we offer a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday twilight wreck dive to the Cayman Salvage Master followed a shallow night dive on the reef aboard the Sea Eagle.  Please contact us for departure times.  


Clyde's Key West Scuba Diving.

Classes start daily to suit your schedule!

bulletScuba Skills Refresher:  For divers who have not been diving in the last 1-2 years we offer a short refresher in our pool.  Instruction and equipment rental included. 
bulletScuba Review: For divers who have not been diving in two or more years we offer an academic and scuba skills refresher, followed by two open water dives.  Includes instruction, boat fees and equipment rental
bulletGuided Dives:  Divers who prefer may want to rent a buddy.  Also recommended for divers who are doing their first ocean dives. 
bulletDiscover Scuba Diving (Resort Course):   A one day program that will introduce non-divers to the world of scuba diving.  After a short academic session participants are will learn the necessary skills in our pools, after which they will accompany their instructor on two shallow open water dives on the only living coral reef in North America.  Includes instruction, equipment rental and boat fee.  The experience may be applied towards the Open Water Diver Certification course.
bulletOpen Water Diver Course: We offer the PADI Open Water Diver Certification Course over three, four, or five days.   The course includes five academic modules, five skill development modules and four open water dives.  Includes instruction, equipment rental, boat fees and certification card.  Does not include the logbook, course text book or student photograph (all of which are required).   NEW   Complete the academic portion of the Open Water Diver program prior to the start of your course with the CD and save your valuable vacation time. *
bulletOpen Water Referral (Check-Out Dives):   Students who complete one or more of the academic, confined water sessions and/or open water dives of the PADI Open Water Diver Course can complete their training at Captain's Corner.   (including instruction, equipment rental, boat fees and certification), but prices will vary based on the amount of training that needs to be completed - please contact us for details.*
bulletNon PADI Referrals: We can complete the open water dive portion for students who have complete their initial training through NAUI, TDI, IDEA, NASDS, PDIC, SSI, YMCA and SDI.  Price is as above.   Students from other agencies can choose to convert to the PADI Open Water Diver program by completing a confined water session and taking an exam.  Please contact us for details.  Prices  including instruction, equipment rental, boat fees and certification.
bulletAdvanced Open Water Diver:    The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver program consist of five dives including a navigation dive, deep dive, and three electives dives (choose from night, wreck, multi-level, naturalist, search and recovery, to name just a few).  This self study program is designed to expose the Open Water Diver to a wider range of activities while under instructor supervision, thereby allowing the student to gain more confidence. 
bulletSpecialty Diver Courses: We offer PADI Specialty Diver certifications as Deep Diver, Nitrox, U/W Naturalist, Wreck Diver, Multi-level Diver, Equipment Specialist, Search and Recovery Diver,   Underwater Navigator, and Underwater Photographer. 
bulletMedic First Aid: This one day program covers first aid and CPR. 
bulletRescue Diver:    An intensive program for Advanced divers that will expand a diver's knowledge beyond the recreational level.  A prerequisite for divers wishing to take a PADI leadership program.  Certification in first aid and CPR is required for certification as a PADI Rescue Diver, or may be combined with the PADI Medic First Aid Program as listed above.   
bullet Key West Divemaster:  We offer the internship option for students wishing to become a PADI Divemaster.  This intensive program allows the candidate to work with an instructor gaining valuable experience.  Please contact us for details.       Does not include PADI certification / membership fee.
bulletNitrox Blending : Now offered from  Technical Diving International (TDI). Learn to blend your own gas mixes.
bulletNitrox Courses: We are now able to offer various levels of Nitrox Certification from PADI, TDI and IANTD. Course cost  (includes tanks and gas, but not text books or tables
Scuba Diving Key West with Captain's Corner Dive Center
bulletAssistant Instructor Course: Why stop at divemaster. Try our Assistant Instructor course. Course cost
bulletSDI/TDI Instructor Development Course.
bulletSDI/TDI Instructor Evaluation Course.


We can now offer SCUBA Training through Instructor level for:

bulletTDI ( Technical Diving International) - Through Nitrox instructor
bulletSDI (Scuba Diving International)- Through  SCUBA Instructor
bulletNAUI ( National Association of Underwater Instructors) - SCUBA Instructor 

* NOTE: Students completing any CERTIFICATION course at Captain's Corner qualify for :
bulletfree equipment rental on any future trips aboard our boats, and
bulletstudent discount on equipment in the shop. 

Texts and dive tables are required and are not included in course fees.  Students must also provide a photograph and have a dive logbook.  Additional equipment and materials may be required for certain classes.   Prices subject to change without notice.

Technical Diver Training Courses

bulletNitrox Blending : Now offered from  Technical Diving International (TDI). Learn to blend your own gas mixes. .


bulletAdvanced NITROX Course Cost  . Includes:
bulletGas, equipment rental and Boat fees
bullet3 days  4 dives **
bulletCertification with Technical Diving International
bulletCombine NITROX and Advanced NITROX  for Dual Certification  Includes:
bulletGas, equipment rental and Boat fee
bullet3 days  4  dives
bulletDual Certification with Technical Diving International and Professional Association of Diving Instructors
bulletDecompression Procedures Diver Course Cost  (Note: Student is required to furnish much of there own equipment). Includes:
bulletBoat fees, gas and tanks
bullet3 Days  4 Dives **
bulletCertification with Technical Diving International
bulletLimited Time Special Combine  NITROX and Advanced NITROX with Decompression Procedures. (Note: Student required to furnish much of their own equipment.)
bulletGas, tanks, and Boat fees included.
bullet6 Days 8 Dives **
bulletCertification With Technical Diving International
bulletExtended Range Diver ( Note:  Student required to furnish much of there own equipment) Course Cost
bulletGas, tanks, and Boat fees
bullet5 Days  6 Dives **
bulletCertification With Technical Diving International
bulletLimited Time Special Combine Advanced NITROX with Decompression Procedures and Extended Range Diver:
bulletGas, tanks, and Boat fees
bullet6 Days  8 Dives **
bulletCertification With Technical Diving International

Technical Training Agencies

bulletIANTD -IANTD Is The World's Largest Scuba Diving Training Organization Of  Nitrox, Enriched Air, Overhead Environment, Cave, Wreck, Rebreather, Trimix, Gas Blenders, Technical Scuba Divers, Instructors and Instructor Trainers. 
Captain's Corner Dive Center Key West
bulletTDI - TDI (Technical diving International)  was formed in 1994 by some of diving’s most experienced instructors to bring technical applications of the sport to a wider audience. Whether your interests lie in nitrox, rebreathers, mixed gas or any of the many other programs that TDI offers you can be assured that you will be participating in training that offers you the "cutting edge" of diving technology.


Prices are subject to change   Give Mike a call for the current pricing